Woman Confronted While Abandoning Four Dogs In Parking Lot


This is the jarring moment a woman was caught abandoning her four dogs at a car park in San Antonio, Texas, last week.

A local came up to the woman setting free her dogs on April 13 and decided to confront her with the help of a mobile phone for evidence.

In the video, the resident is heard telling the woman to alternatively take her pooches to Animal Care Services, which she claims is free. The penalty for illegally abandoning a dog is $500.


The resident told ViralHog:

I was getting ready for work when I spotted a car at a dead end road removing collars from within the car. I put my shoes on quickly and ran out to the road and started recording the act.

I’m tired of people doing this continuously in the area. I recorded to [educate] and advise them to do the right thing.

The woman in the video responded back for directions to the Animal Care services, and yet decided to commit the illegal activity as directed by the driver who then backed out with the back seat passenger flipping me off.

The woman can be seen asking for directions to the animal care house only to force the last dog out of her car, before jumping in the passenger as the driver backs away away from the area.

Watch the video here:

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She can be heard on the footage saying:

I’m tired of people dropping off abandoned dogs. I fostered for Animal Care Services and I’m the one that has to take time away from my children to help people who don’t want to be responsible for their pets.

Social media users were rightly outraged by the footage, with one commenter saying:

Well, there’s a stupid, lazy, irresponsible person and acts appropriately to one who has a trash bag from a trailer park for a brain.

I didn’t read the entire article but….Please, for the love of GOD I hope this bag of used douche water does not have kids.


Another said:

Abandoning animals is heart breaking. I’ll never understand how anyone can do this. These poor lil guys think it’s play time. I’m broken more so over this than homeless people. [sic]

A third added:

Who does this? What a piece of garbage. I have a furry baby and I would have to die before I separate from him. Humans can be disgusting.

UPDATE: ACS is working on the investigation and investigators have identified a suspect. Thank you everyone for your…

Posted by City of San Antonio Animal Care Services on Friday, 13 April 2018

City of San Antonion Animal Care Services said on Facebook:

Just two hours ago we received a message from a good Samaritan regarding a couple dumping 4-5 animals on a nearby street and driving off.

Thanks to this good Samaritan catching the act on camera, contacting 311, and caring for these pets – our Animal Care Officers were able to rush to the scene and bring three of the dogs into our care.

These dogs have clearly had a very rough day. They appear to be friendly, seem to get along with each other, and most importantly, are in need of love and proper care.

If you are able to open your home for at least one of these dogs by either adopting or fostering, please reach out to us.

Awful! Let’s hope these people get their comeuppance.