Woman Finds Massive Huntsman Spider In Car While Going 100km/h Down Highway

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Woman Finds Massive Huntsman Spider In Car While Going 100kmh Down Highway Monique Fogarty/Chris Hull/Facebook

A woman found a giant huntsman spider in her car while driving 100km/h on the highway.

For many, spiders are some of the scariest animals you could ever encounter. Whether it’s their size, eight legs or many eyes, it’s understandable that they strike terror into arachnophobes. A woman has now revealed her own chilling encounter with a massive huntsman spider.


Monique Fogarty was travelling down the Tuggeranong Parkway in Australia at 100km/h when she spotted a large huntsman spider coming out from her rearview mirror. Safe to say, she let out a scream.

Spider (Monique Fogarty/ Facebook)(Monique Fogarty/ Facebook)

Fogarty explained her reaction to the Daily Mail Australia:

I squealed as it gave me a fright when it came out of nowhere but after the initial fright I was calm and unbothered. I know huntsman spiders aren’t harmful and that it wouldn’t do anything until I could pull over safely.


Part of her calm reaction may have been because of her familiarity with the huntsman spider. Fogarty added that she had seen them several times in recent months:

I had seen the huntsman on my car a few times over the past few months but it always managed to hide away again before I could shoo it off.

Once before, it was likely the same spider and my daughter saw it sitting next to the front passenger seat window. That time I just put the window down and shooed it out then put the window back up.

Fortunately, this experience came into play and she managed to pull over safely and open the door. Fogarty noted that she ‘cupped it [the spider] in my hands and popped it on the ground to head into the nearby bushland’. She put down her bravery to ‘momentary adrenaline’.

Spider (PA Images)PA Images

After the incident, Fogarty posted about her experience on the ‘Australian spider identification page‘ on Facebook, and got a range of reactions. Some expressed how the situation would be their worst nightmare, commenting, ‘Literally my worst fear other than that I’m fine,’  and ‘I live in Australia and don’t think I’ll be going in my car for a few days.’


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However, others find the spider to be quite appealing. One commenter wrote, ‘He so cute. I would’ve popped him on the passenger seat, & chatted with him,’ and another added, ‘It looks so fluffy!’

Whatever opinions people have on spiders, many will be glad that Fogarty managed to deal with the situation calmly and safely.

With that said, some Australians may now check their car for spiders before setting off.


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    'Literally my worst fear’: Shocked driver finds a HUGE huntsman spider crawling out from under her rear view mirror while going 100km/h down the freeway