Woman Finds Spider Babies Have Built Huge Web In Her Car

by : Daniel Richardson on : 04 Jan 2021 13:03
Woman Finds Spider Babies Have Built Huge Web In Her CarCosi Andrew Costello

A mother of three found a giant huntsman spider in her vehicle. After removing the spider, more spiders appeared and a giant web was found. 

On Christmas day, Emma was driving to a petrol station in Adelaide, Australia, when she found a large huntsman spider. After immediately removing the spider, she began to notice more small spiders appearing in her car. Emma eventually resolved to use a bug bomb to stop the issue, but it revealed that the vehicle was covered in webs.

spider infestation Cosi Andrew Costello/ Facebook

Emma told Daily Mail Australia how the event unfolded:

As I pulled up, I looked out of the corner of my eye and on passengers side, on the dash was the spider. I really just stared at it for a while, thinking “what am I going to do with this thing?”

I tried to get it out while looking through the windscreen to create a barrier but it jumped and ended up on the glove box.

Eventually, Emma managed to get rid of the spider but she explained that more issues followed:


Over next couple of days, when I was driving with my kids in the car, babies started coming out of nowhere. My eldest freaked out when she saw a baby in the front seat, the other two in the back turned into statues.

spider webCosi Andrew Costello/ Facebook

The concerned mother claimed that she was googling for solutions, and found that natural remedies were not fixing the issue with the eight-legged infestation. Using her husband’s car, Emma managed to pick up a bug bomb and put it in her car. The use of the bomb revealed spider webs spread across the interior of the car.

Although the issue is now resolved, many who saw the story shared by radio host Cosi Andrew Costello have been shocked. Some comments have even advised burning the car for good measure.


Others have questioned the story, as adult huntsman spiders do not create webs. Nonetheless, it seems that the infestation was primarily baby spiders, and this may explain the number of webs in the vehicle.

webs everywhereCosi Andrew Costello/ Facebook

The frightening story has clearly shocked people, although others have queries about its validity. Whichever stance you take on the story, many will agree that having your car overrun by spiders is the stuff of nightmares.

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