Woman Finds Tiny Abandoned Dog Crying Inside Bin


A dog was found abandoned in a bin after a woman heard its pained cries on her way to work.

The woman was about to put a rubbish bag inside the bin outside her workplace, in Georgia, USA, when she heard something crying inside.

Upon hearing the noise she decided to investigate and when she looked inside the bin, saw a tiny chihuahua staring back at her.

As reported by The Dodo, the woman immediately lifted the terrified dog out of the bin and took her to work. Unsure of what to do, she then called a co-worker for advice.

Her co-worker had previously volunteered for Hart County Animal Rescue and so knew exactly what to do.

The chihuahua, now named Caroline, was taken to Lavonia Animal Hospital and was held overnight for observation. When she was found, she weighed no more than six pounds.

Hart County Animal Rescue posted to their page soon after they were made aware of Caroline:

NEW UPDATE ON SWEET CAROLINE: Again we want to thank each and everyone of you personally for the responses to…

Posted by Hart County Animal Rescue on Tuesday, 13 November 2018

In just a short space of time, the post went viral and the rescue had hundreds of applications pouring in for the chihuahua.

It said:

Meet Caroline, This sweet girl was found at the Welcome Center at Interstate 85 in the trash can pictured. YES! some piece of scum decided to just trash her.

She was freezing, wet, hungry and scared when someone heard her crying and found her in the trash can this morning.

Reportedly, there had been freezing rain in the area for the week leading up to when Caroline was found, so she was lucky to have escaped the worst of the conditions.

It was unclear how the dog had come to be in the bin, or even how long she was there for; Caroline was not microchipped and there was no CCTV in the area she was left.

Judy Partain, director of Hart County Animal Rescue, told The Dodo:

She could have been barking in the car and gotten on someone’s nerves. We’ll never know. All we know is that she’ll never have to go through that again.

This is one of those situations where you’re just like, ‘How in the world did this happen?’ Why did somebody put this precious dog out?

Posted by Hart County Animal Rescue on Tuesday, 13 November 2018

Caroline only stayed at the vet overnight; the next morning, she was picked up by the rescue and has been recovering at Partain’s home since.

That was two weeks ago and the little chihuahua has since gone from strength to strength, surprising everyone with her energy.

Partain explained:

The little dog is just amazing. She is sweet and smart and last night she found the toys, and went and got I don’t know how many and buried them in my bedroom.

The chihuahua is always playing with the family’s three other foster dogs and has settled in well, also getting close to the family. She chooses to cuddle up to them and sleeps under their duvets.

Partain’s house won’t be Caroline’s forever home though; since posting her story to their Facebook page, the rescue have received hundreds of applications to adopt the abandoned pup.

And since then, the chihuahua has found a family to adopt her, as the rescue took to their page two weeks ago, on November 13, to update followers.

They wrote:

We have received so many inquiries and applications on her, and from those applications, we were able to find Caroline a wonderful home, she will never have to suffer any kind of abuse again.

Posted by Hart County Animal Rescue on Tuesday, 13 November 2018

While Caroline’s story has a happy ending though, there are still plenty of other dogs in similar positions who still need rescuing.

The rescue hopes that her story will encourage people to look at the other dogs in their care as well.

Partain said:

We’re excited for all the attention she’s getting, but it’s so sad when we have 40 others sitting here with stories as bad or worse than hers. But that’s what we love. We love to take the ones that nobody else wants.

To help other abandoned and homeless dogs like Caroline, you can make a donation to Hart County Animal Rescue.

If you have a story you want to tell, send it to [email protected]