Woman Goes For Casual Stroll With Lion To Give Him Important Message


Awesome footage has been posted to Facebook showing a woman just casually hanging out with a massive lion.

Apparently the woman – reportedly named Sharon – has travelled to meet the big cat as she believes that one of her ancestors has been reincarnated as this very Lion.


In the video she can be heard talking to the creature, and fortunately for us, one extremely helpful Facebook commenter has provided a translation:

Dawu (lion) how are you khulu (ancestor), my mother said I should greet you.

The Sibanda clan also said I should greet you and pay their respects. I saw them in Bulawayo (beautiful city in Zimbabwe), they sent me to you, even those in America said I should come and see you and greet you, those of the Dawu ancestors.


As incredible as this seems, another commenter made an important point saying:

This is a lion raised in captivity and they take them out for walks to try and reintroduce them to the wild. Don’t go thinking you can just do this with lions that you come across!


To be fair, the lion does seem pretty relaxed considering there are at least two people following it about.

But if it was me delivering a message I’d definitely be on the other side of a fence, or on the other end of a phone.