Woman Makes Adorable Mini Laptop For Cat So He Leaves Her Alone When Working

by : Niamh Shackleton on : 24 Mar 2021 11:10
Woman Makes Adorable Mini Laptop For Cat So He Leaves Her Alone When Workingmishidetalca/TikTok

Working from home may have been joyous for our pets during the pandemic, but it has its downsides for us working humans who can’t give them attention 24/7.

Cats are fickle, brilliant animals. They either want heaps of attention, or none – there’s no in-between.


With this in mind, for those moments that cat-owners are working on their laptop and unable to give their furry friend some loving, one TikToker has found a puuuurfect way to distract them.

A trend on the video sharing platform states that cats apparently sit on your laptops because they’re attempting to mirror you, so by giving them their own laptop will mean that they’ll leave you be.


So, in a bid to keep their cat occupied, on TikToker went above and beyond and made their pet their own, mini MacBook.


Shared on @mishidetalca’s page, the video shows their grey cat sat happily one the bed with its tiny laptop while their owner sits on the other side of the bed on their human-sized laptop.

They clip was captioned, ‘So with the online classes with Joshe.’ Shared last week, it’s already generated over 488,000 likes and nearly 3,000 comments.


One person wrote, ‘Someone’s bout to make a business out of this’, as another person asked where they got the tiny laptop from. The TikToker replied that it was from Pintrest and they simply searched MacBook printable’ on the site and then printed it out on photographic paper. Genius!

Another person wrote, ‘He’s ready to conquer the business world. Adorable!’

Hundreds of other TikTokers with cats have tried it with human-sized laptops too, and it appears to actually work in keeping their four-legged friends occupied.

One person shared a clip of their desk set up before panning the camera round to their cat sat on the sofa with their own laptop propped up in front of them and they seem very busy with work stuff. The video was captioned, ‘He’s answering some very important emails ok’.

@morganlewis91He’s answering some very important emails ok ##fyp ##catsoftiktok♬ original sound – That bitch

While some are trying this way of entertaining their cats, one British couple went as far as creating a fake lap for their cat to sit on to keep her happy.

10/10 for cat-owners’ dedication.


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