Woman Reveals Why Venomous Snakes Play Dead In Bizarre Video

by : Cameron Frew on : 13 Sep 2021 16:49
Woman Reveals Why Venomous Snakes Play Dead In Bizarre Video@turbo_bunny/TikTok

A woman has explained why some venomous species of snake play dead when they come into contact with humans.

On TikTok, @turbo_bunny regularly posts videos of her encounters with all sorts of wildlife, ‘but reptiles are extra special’, her Instagram bio reads. From her feed, it appears she lives in Texas and part of her job involves relocating potentially dangerous animals, like venomous snakes.


In one viral upload, we watch how she deals with an Eastern Hognose, a rather strange-looking snake with a flat head. ‘Instead of violence, they usually choose death,’ she explains.


‘I was called to relocate this Eastern Hognose. Now, this is a venomous species, but they’re not considered medically significant. Their venom is mostly for toads and frogs,’ she says.

As she approaches the snake, its mouth falls agape as it appears to pretend it’s dead. ‘They play dead, that’s their thing. In fact, it’s so much their thing, they make it their entire personality. They’re like method actors; once they commit, there is no going back,’ the TikToker says.

The Eastern Hognose likes to play dead. (@turbo_bunny/TikTok)@turbo_bunny/TikTok

It’s essentially a form of defence to put off predators from attacking. ‘Sometimes it’s annoying, because it’s like… oh my god we get it, you like playing dead, and other times, I appreciate the free shows since I don’t charge for relocations,’ she says.

As she gently places the snake into a box, its shape is rigid and mouth still wide open. ‘It was time to pack up the deceased and release it somewhere else. They thought they were out of the woods but as soon as I picked them up they went straight back into the role. So now I look like a crazy person just leaving dead snakes all over the place,’ she jokes.

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