Woman Spotted Leading Parade Of Animals Down The Street

by : Julia Banim on : 22 Aug 2020 14:19
Woman Spotted Leading Parade Of Animals Down The Street@cocukkilidi/Twitter

A woman from Turkey appears to have channelled the spirit of Dr Dolittle himself, having twice been captured leading a ‘parade’ of animals down a street.

The unnamed animal whisperer was first spotted by a woman named Dilara İlter from Istanbul. Dilara had been staying at her mother’s house in 2017 when she spotted the unusual and strangely beautiful sight for the first time.


Dozens of animals – of all shapes, sizes and sorts – could be seen following the woman down the street, appearing to trust her perfectly. Dogs and cats trotted happily at her side, while birds flew closely overhead.

Dilara told The Dodo:

The moment I saw her walking like that, I thought she was a wizard or something.


However, after speaking with her mother, Dilara realised that the woman had earned the animals’ love through the power of her caring nature, gathering stray animals together each and every day to give them food.

Touched by the mysterious woman’s kindness, Dilara added:

The scene was so poetic. I was amazed how beautiful what she was doing for these animals.


Just one year later, in 2018, Dilara spotted the woman again during another trip to her mother’s house. Once again, the animals could be seen following her with complete adoration.

Dilara said:

My mom found her and talked to her but she was too shy to talk. The streets are full of food left out for animals. It’s pretty common in Turkey actually. Everybody loves stray animals here.

The woman is reportedly still feeding stray animals to this day, her only payment being the love of the grateful creatures who look to her for help and affection.


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