Woman ‘Tricked Into Selling Pet Euthanasia Glove’ Live On TV


A woman in the US has been tricked into going on Tv to sell a fake ‘pet euthanasia glove’.

Nancy, a real estate agent from New Jersey, was invited to demonstrate the glove on Super Amazing Innovations, hosted by Randolph Mantooth – not his real name we assume. As for the ‘product’, the idea is that a dog owner can put on a glove, dip their hand into a special toxic powder – not dangerous to humans – and ‘literally pet the dog to sleep’. Therefore providing a peaceful end for mans’ best friend taking them ‘lovingly but economically on that final walk’.

Nancy is invited to do a demonstration of the product using ‘Rusty’ – a stuffed toy dog – and to be fair she really goes for it in the segment, delivering an emotional goodbye to her beloved fake pooch before explaining to Rusty that, even though he would be going up to heaven they would still ‘have their memories’.


In a moment of brilliance, Randolph even manages to get Nancy to sing a lullaby to Rusty – who I have to confirm, is a stuffed toy – as she slowly strokes him into an early grave.

When the whole thing is finally revealed as a hoax she seems pretty embarrassed, as you would expect. And as the mother of three teenagers it’s probably safe to assume that she is going to have to take a lot of shit about this – hope so!