Woman Trolls Husband Into Thinking She’s Adopted A Coyote

by : Francesca Donovan on : 02 Dec 2016 15:29
coyote-troll-fbcoyote-troll-fbKayla Eby

One woman has perfectly trolled her husband using the magic of Photoshop and stock images.


Mum, preschool teacher and inspiring prankster, Kayla Eby from Oregon, managed to convince her partner that she’d adopted a wild – and very dangerous – coyote.

The whole hilarious tail (ahem) begins with a well-doctored image; because a picture is worth a thousand words.

coyote-troll-1coyote-troll-1Kayla Eby

Kayla writes to Justin:


I found this cute little dog outside… he doesn’t have tags or anything. He’s kinda scared. What should I do? I’m going to bring him inside. He seems cold. Poor pup.

coyote-troll-2coyote-troll-2Kayla Eby

After the initial seed of worry was planted, Kayla goes onto convince her partner she truly believes the coyote is a dog, after Justin delicately calls her a ‘NUT JOB’.

Usually, I’d never condone calling someone a nut job, but I’m going to play devil’s advocate here because I can see this story from both sides.

coyote-troll-3coyote-troll-3Kayla Eby

Kayla asks the million dollar question: ‘Can I keep it?’

The answer wasn’t what she’d hoped, and so the prank continues.

coyote-troll-4coyote-troll-4Kayla Eby

Justin’s complaints fall on apparently deaf ears, as Kayla perseveres withe her ploy to keep the pixels masquerading as a coyote masquerading as a dog.

coyote-troll-5coyote-troll-5Kayla Eby

As the caps locks rage really begins to set in, Kayla begins the emoji *rolling eyes* offensive and the psychological warfare wages on.

coyote-troll-6coyote-troll-6Kayla Eby

Things heat peak troll when Kayla sends another Photoshopped image of their young boy sitting next to the perky look coyote, ears pricked and alert.

coyote-troll-8coyote-troll-8Kayla Eby

Here’s where Justin enters the spotlight in this hilarious fiasco, writing:

I am going to come home to my family eaten by a wild COYOTE MY WIFE BOUGHT INTO THE HOUSE. This is the craziest thing you have ever done… This is crazier than you bringing home those four ferrets that one time.


coyote-troll-9coyote-troll-9Kayla Eby

In my opinion, living with ‘Animal Planet Kayla’ sounds ace…

coyote-trollcoyote-trollKayla Eby

…But I can see how living with a life-threatening wild coyote and your young child might be a bit of a complicated family dynamic.

coyote-troll-11coyote-troll-11Kayla Eby

Kayla goes onto tell Justin she decided to name the now pacing and agitated animal Spot, with a reasonably alarmed reaction from Justin.

coyote-troll-12coyote-troll-12Kayla Eby

Finally, with the appropriate amount of crying laughing faces, Kayla reveals the prank for what it is: one of the funniest pranks I personally have seen all year.

coyote-troll-14coyote-troll-14Kayla Eby

The best moment? The second Justin says, ‘ I love the shit out of you even though you regularly lose your fucking mind’.

Honestly, prospective murder by fictional animals aside, I think Justin is just about the luckiest guy in the world.

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