Woman ‘Unable To Walk’ For Three Weeks After Spider Bite


A woman has suffered ‘excruciating pain’ and been unable to walk for three weeks after she was bitten by a spider.

39-year-old Kelly Waring was spending the night at her caravan in Ballywalter, Northern Ireland when she woke up in the morning with an itchy foot, reports Independent.ie.

Later that day, she noticed a red sore on the bottom of her foot which gradually became so painful that she couldn’t walk so the next day her husband took her to the doctor where she was shocked to find out she’d been bitten by a spider.


Kelly said:

She examined my foot under a magnifying glass and she said she could tell it was a spider because there were two prongs.

The doctor prescribed antibiotics and strong painkillers, but the bite continued to get worse – forcing Kelly to pay a visit to Accident and Emergency.

At first staff wanted to admit her to receive IV antibiotics, but in the end they sent her home with stronger antibiotics and crutches.


Three weeks later and Kelly is only just starting to get back to normal:

It’s left a scar on my foot and I’m still taking the antibiotics but I am starting to weight bear on it.

And as a result of the incident Kelly said she is now – understandably – terrified of spiders.

She admitted:

I don’t want to feel pain like that again. I’ve had two kids and that pain was worse.

The only thing I’m glad of is that it happened to me and not the children. I want to warn people about what could happen and to be careful.


At this time of year there’s an increase in large house spiders as they start to look for a place to live over winter.

So be on the lookout…