Woman Watching Live Stream Of Pregnant Pig Saves Its Life When Barn Catches Fire

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Woman Watching Live Stream Of Pregnant Pig Saves Its Life When Barn Catches FireJune Farms/Facebook

A woman who spent her evening watching a livestream of a pregnant pig ended up saving its life when its barn caught fire. 

Earlier this year, Laura Palladino took a trip to June Farms in West Sand Lake, New York, where she met Ethel the pregnant pig. A couple of weeks ago she decided to check in on Ethel via live stream, deciding that the video would be ‘the least stressful’ thing on the internet.


It wasn’t long before the wholesome stream took a dramatic turn as Ethel knocked over a heat lamp in her barn, which ended up setting fire to the hay on the floor.

Ethel the pig knocks over heat lampJune Farms/Facebook

Laura watched the whole scenario unfold from her home, and she knew that the fire could kill Ethel if she didn’t do something.

Recalling the terrifying moment to CBS News, she said:


I started freaking out. I was the only one watching, which is what made my heart sink. There was nothing I could do and it was terrifying.

Laura sprung into action and called June Farms, but no one answered. She then reached out to the police, the local fire department and the farm’s owner, Matt Baumgartner.

Ethel the pig with barn setting on fireJune Farms/Facebook

Her efforts paid off as she finally got through to someone at the farm, and she watched the stream as farm manager Josh Vics burst into Ethel’s barn and rescued the pig.


June Farms detailed the incident in a Facebook post, writing:

Without [Laura’s] immediate action, we don’t know what would have happened to our pigs. We are so grateful to her, the West Sand Lake & Averill Park fire departments who arrived immediately, and our Farm Manager who arrived first to put out the fire.

Ethel in barn which was on fireJune Farms/Facebook

Laura said:


I started crying – like, this is just a lot. And he was holding her and he’s like, ‘I’m so sorry.’ You could tell how much he loved those animals.

Josh told CBS that he’s cared for Ethel since she was a piglet. He said he felt inspired knowing that others ‘feel as much affection and love toward these animals as we do’, adding: ‘I don’t like to think about how bad it could have been if [Laura] didn’t say something.’

Farm workers put out fire and rescue EthelJune Farms/Facebook

After her heroic rescue, Laura returned to June Farms to visit Ethel in person. While there, she learned that the farm plan to honour her good deed by naming the first pig in Ethel’s litter after her.


Laura joked:

I never thought I’d have a pig named after me, but I’ll take it.


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The farm said the situation provided a ‘difficult lesson’ about the dangers of heat lamps, with staff saying they considered themselves ‘so incredibly fortunate’ that the pigs were unharmed.

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