Woman Who Killed 90 Species Of Animals Has Most Ridiculous Excuse


It may not feel like 365 days have passed, but it has been one year since an American dentist shot Cecil the lion.

To mark the depressing occasion, ITV’s This Morning invited guests from both sides of the debate to discuss the topic of trophy hunting.

Sadly, one of those people was Olivia Opre – a woman who has reportedly killed over 90 species of animals across six continents.

Unbelievably, Olivia tried to argue that the so-called sport was actually conservation work…

She also explained how she respects animals, and claimed her kills actually protect Africans.

She said:

If hunting is taken away they’ll see creatures like lions become a huge threat to their live stock and their children…When I kill an animal I walk up to the animal and, with great and deep respect, I put my hand on his face and thank him for his life.

What a tool.


Her comments certainly didn’t go down too well with viewers…


Arguing to protect animals, founder of Born Free animal rights charity Virginia McKenna, OBE, said:

It’s not humane and it makes me ashamed of being human if that’s how we behave.

McKenna’s face pretty much said it all though…


Hunting for food is very different to hunting for ‘sport’ and justifying it by saying you eat the meat.

Hopefully, public attitudes continue to grow against the cruel practice.