Woman’s Heartbreaking Obituary For Golden Retriever Receives Thousands Of Responses

by : Emily Brown on : 30 Sep 2020 13:24
Woman's Heartbreaking Obituary For Golden Retriever Receives Thousands Of ResponsesWoman's Heartbreaking Obituary For Golden Retriever Receives Thousands Of ResponsesSallieGHammett/Twitter

Having to say goodbye to your beloved dog is one of the hardest things pet owners face, so when a woman wrote a heartfelt obituary to her golden retriever, thousands of strangers were quick to offer their condolences. 

Sallie Gregory Hammett, from Greenville, South Carolina, adopted Charlie the retriever when she was 23, single, living in a brand new city and on the hunt for a ‘right hand man’.


She and Charlie quickly became inseparable as he accompanied his beloved owner to work and on whatever errands she had to run. He joined her on hikes and travels, and was there to see Sallie marry her husband David earlier this year.

Charlie was described as the ‘happiest dog’ with ‘a lot of personality’, and Sallie was heartbroken to say goodbye to him when he passed away on September 13, following a five-month battle with cancer.

In an effort to honour all the years Charlie had been by her side, Sallie wrote an obituary for him in the newspaper. She described the dog’s family, his favourite activities like stick-collecting and swimming, and how he was a ‘constant companion’ to her.


It read in part:

Charlie loved the beach, car rides, bananas and socks… Charlie went tailgating, hiking camping and fishing. He lived the very best life.

To end the obituary, the owner asked that dog owners give their pups some extra love in honour of Charlie.


Sallie shared her obituary on Twitter, and within days of posting it received more than 100,000 likes and 10,000 retweets. Thousands of people shared their condolences for Sallie’s loss, with many responding with pictures of their own late dogs and assuring her that they would greet Charlie in heaven.

Along with a snap of their dog, one person wrote:

The #Tobster says sorry for your loss. He sends you kisses and love.

The loss of a dear one is always hard but he trusts you have wonderful memories and enjoy some walks in the sun and changing leaves.


Sallie spoke to USA Today about the incredible response, saying:

It’s cool that this has however many likes, but the best thing is how people are responding with their dogs.

People will send a picture like, ‘Roscoe’s getting extra belly rubs tonight,’ or other dogs that are waiting to meet Charlie across the Rainbow Bridge.

I’m just so grateful for the outpouring of love that has come from it. I’m so grateful for everybody that’s taken one minute to respond with their condolences or respond with a picture of their dogs. It sounds silly to say, but it’s so much bigger than me.

Charlie spent his last days at the beach, where he enjoyed digging holes and diving in the waves, and Sallie assured that she and her husband would always remember the dog whenever they open the peanut butter or see a sock on the floor.


Rest in peace, Charlie!

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