Woman’s Horrific Facebook Post About Dog Goes Viral


One woman’s horrific post about her dog ended up going viral – with Facebook users outraged.

Katie Brown stuck duct tape over her dog’s mouth after the barking became too much for her – and posted a picture of it on the social media site.

Obviously Facebook users were horrified, with the post now having been shared 100,000 times.


People begged Katie to admit the post was a hoax, but she confirmed it was genuine, and the dog was on ‘time out’.

Police in the Florida area were inundated with calls about her actions, and even had to ask people to stop calling them.


The moral of the story is clearly if you can’t handle a dog barking – which is just like a baby crying or a person speaking – don’t f*cking get one.


Police are still investigating, but let’s hope horrific Katie gets the dog taken off her in the near future.