World’s Oldest Cat Celebrates His 30th Birthday

world's oldest cat, rubbleSWNS

Handsome moggy Rubble has been named the oldest cat in the world after he celebrated his 30th birthday last week.

Rubble, who’s lived with owner Michele Foster since she got him as a kitten on her 20th birthday in May 1988, recently hit the big 30 celebrating with a party at his local vets.

To mark his achievement, Rubble was gifted a free check-up and some tasty treats by 50-year-old Michele and the team at City Vets.

World's oldest cat, rubbleSWNS

Never having children of her own, Michele, from Devon, pampers Rubble like he’s her son, making the pair inseparable.

It’s clear she loves him to bits, saying:

He’s a lovely cat, although he has got a little grumpy in his old age. He was part of a litter that my sister’s friend’s cat had and I had just left home. I was lonely living on my own so got him in as a kitten.

He is very loyal. We used to live in London and moved around a lot. He came in the removal van to Devon with us when we moved 15 years ago.

If you care about something and someone and really love them, that goes a long way. If you care about something, no matter what it is, it does last.

Such a sweet thing to say!

Rubble’s recent birthday means he now matches the age of the last world record holder, Scooter, who took the Guinness World Record title when he turned 30. He sadly later died.

According to the record books the oldest cat ever, known as Creme Puff, lived until the age of 38, which is truly remarkable.

Although Michele is proud of Rubble’s achievements, she admits she doesn’t want him to become a celebrity:

He has plenty of live left in him yet, but I don’t think we will go down the Guinness World Record route as I am not sure he would like lots of people coming to see him or a fuss being made out of him.

He is old now and would not like too much attention or be hassled. We would prefer if he was just left to live out his old age in peace.

Since Rubble is now 137-years-old in human years, we think he deserves this request.

World's oldest cat Rubble, as a kittenSWNS

Suffering from high blood pressure, Rubble regularly visits his local vets and needs medication.

Shaun Moore is one of the vets who looks after him and can’t believe how well Rubble is doing despite his age, saying:

We recently had this amazing cat in for a check up and to celebrate his 30th birthday. Rubble is quite likely to be the oldest cat in the UK and is still going strong.

He’s on medication for his blood pressure but apart from that, he’s in remarkably good health.

He enjoyed a free check up, some Whiskas Catmilk and Felix pouches, and less appreciated a free supply of medication for the next month as his birthday present from City Vets.

We all wish you a happy birthday Rubble!

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