World’s Smallest Horse Who ‘Thinks He’s A Dog’ Is Too Wholesome

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World's Smallest Horse Who 'Thinks He's A Dog' Is Too WholesomeThe Dodo/YouTube

I didn’t think I needed to see a titchy-tiny dwarf horse to brighten up my Tuesday, but turns out this is what my week has been missing.

Peabody is so petite that if you heard him clip-clopping behind you, you’d simply assume he was a fairly small dog wearing tap shoes. Needless to say, he’s absolutely adorable.


At just 16 and a half inches tall, sweet Pea was so small at the time of his birth that he couldn’t even reach his mother’s udder. His legs were crooked and he wasn’t able to chew anything, and the original plan had been to just put him to sleep.

Find out more about Peabody’s story below:

Luckily, Peabody had a guardian angel looking out for him in the form of the appropriately-named Faith, a kind-hearted animal lover who drove right across the US to fetch Pea and bring him safely home.


Speaking with The Dodo, Faith recalled the moment she realised she had a pint-sized fighter on her hands:

I took him to the hotel room. And we went and he laid on the bed. No more flies, no more dirt. And I cleaned him up. All he wanted to do was eat. And that was my clue that this little horse wanted to live.

After Faith brought him home, Peabody soon settled in, and is said to be as ‘healthy as can be’. With the help of specially-made shoes, his legs are straight and he is able to play out in the garden with his French bulldog buddy, Penelope.

Furthermore, once his head grew a bit, Peabody’s jaw also aligned, meaning he can now enjoy all the treats he can eat.


In the morning, Faith will pop him outside with her French bulldogs, and is ‘sure’ he thinks he’s also a dog. Footage from their home shows the honorary good boy relaxing on the sofa, tagging along after Faith’s husband Adam, and playing with shoes. He even sits up at the dinner table to eat.

Faith has fondly described the ‘sassy’ would-be pup as a ‘cross between a little angel and a little devil’, being partial to picking things up and chucking them around the room.

But as cheeky as he may be, Faith knows just how special Peabody is, telling The Dodo that he truly is ‘one in a lifetime’.


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The Dodo/YouTube
  1. The Dodo/YouTube

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