You Can Now Buy Hilarious Halloween Costumes For Your Cat

by : Julia Banim on : 28 Sep 2018 14:35
Adorable cat costumes are here.Adorable cat costumes are here.Petco

Halloween truly is the season of the cat. Not only are they glamorous show-offs who exude fabulousness through their whiskers, they are also a tad spooky.


It’s therefore the perfect time to magic up your moggy with a costume which can unleash their inner model strut. And this year, cat costumes are seriously creative; reflecting a range of unique kitty personalities.

No doubt your cat will still continue to glower at you menacingly through their fierce-some finery, but this will no doubt only add to the scary/hilarious vibe.

If you head on over to Amazon, you are in for a variety of costumes fit for a true creepy cat. From a Pizza Slice Pet Suit to a Pirate; alternatively celebrating your pet’s love for snacks and swashbuckling.


Amazon also do a line of itty bitty lion manes for your pint sized predator. These apparently slip easily over the head, but this will of course vary substantially from cat to cat.

Or if you head over to beyond adorable Etsy shop Ticketybootique, you can dress your frightful feline up as a shark, pancake stack or even a ticket booth.

Check out this juicy review for the burger cat costume:

There aren’t enough good things I can say about this shop, seller, and item. The work is impeccable.

Cat costumeCat costumeTicketybootique

Cat burger costumeCat burger costume

Cat disguised as pancakesCat disguised as pancakesTicketybootique

One of the best shouts this year has to be Petco’s Bootique, where you can dress your kitty up as a mouse, a goldfish, a piece of sushi or – my personal fave – King Purrington.

Remember, your purr baby’s ancestors were once worshipped by the ancient Egyptians and he expects no less reverence from his own human subjects.

Some of the cutest outfits to be found are at Meowingtons, where you dress your purr baby up as a buzzy bee, imposing peacock or stompy dinosaur.

Cats are of course known for enjoying a life of naps and luxury, but for one night you can dress them up as a police officer, sailor or even a medical doctor.

Of course, cats are dictators and in reality we couldn’t trust them with such positions of responsibility. But on All Hallows’ Eve, your pet can march around the house with a police badge, accepting treats as bribes.

Check out this extremely healthy review for the ‘Dr Adorable’ costume:

[I] had too much fun with this costume and it isn’t even Halloween yet!! I’m an RN so I’ve been joking with the hubby that I’m going to dress our cat Leo up as a doctor and go as a cute ‘doctor/nurse’ couple’s outfit …. with my cat!!

Too bad Leo’s really not a big party animal so we’ll be staying home for Halloween but it will be worth it for some good laughs. Also the shipping was really fast and the quality of the outfit is great! Leo doesn’t mind wearing it at all!

Peacock cat costume halloweenPeacock cat costume halloweenMeowingtons
Doctor cat costume halloweenDoctor cat costume halloweenMeowingtons
Bee cat costume halloweenBee cat costume halloweenMeowingtons

Cats of the world: It’s time to run under the beds and scowl. Your impertinent human servants are coming to make you look silly yet again!

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