You Can Now Get A Harness For Your Chicken To Safely Cross The Road

by : Julia Banim on : 28 Jun 2019 12:24
You Can Now Get A Harness For Your Chicken To Safely Cross The RoadYou Can Now Get A Harness For Your Chicken To Safely Cross The RoadYesito

The age old question of ‘why did the chicken cross the road?’ has puzzled dad jokers since time immortal.


We may never know the answer to this query, but we can give chickens a little help as they take their eternally mysterious walks across the road.

Yes. Chicken owners are now proudly walking their chickens across the road with the help of a very smart – and slightly hilarious – harness. And they need no reason to do so.


Complete with a funky bow tie, these harnesses – from chicken harness company Yesito – will allow you to walk your pet chicken in style and comfort.


Easily adjustable in a range of sixes, there are also various ‘fun and perky colours’ to choose from, depending, of course, on the unique temperament of your chicken.

If you have a pretty, sweet tempered chick, then you could opt for the hot pink one with a sleek black bow tie. If your chick has a regal way about them when they strut, then you could go for the royal purple one with the red bow tie.

According to the slightly bossy Amazon description:

Forget about leashes coming loose. Forget about readjusting the harness all the time. Minimize discomfort and keep your pets happy with the Yesito chicken harness.

Now there is no need to buy a leash as well. It is already included in the kit. Featuring a long 6ft leash strap, you may rest assured that there will be no pulling or hand fatigue.

Facilitate training and chicken walking. Take your feathered pets for a walk. Take them outdoors. Keep your chicks by your side, safe and sound. Have some fun. Make all eyes stare at you. Teach your kids about the importance of pet training.


One appreciative reviewer remarked how her hen was now looking forward to their next walk:

I have a favourite hen that I can’t resist holding because she’s so fluffy and soft and now I’m able to take her for a walk. It took less than a minute for her to get use to it. Lol I let her take the lead while she investigated around my yard. Happy chickens lay happy eggs.

Other reviewers have been left ‘cluckling’ away at the sight of their chicken prancing along on the end of a leash, with one person guffawing:


I never laughed so hard watching my daughter walk a chicken!


Sadly, Yesito does not deliver to the UK. And, although I imagine my landlady would be none too pleased if I snuck in a new feathered housemate, I still feel a slight peck of disappointment that I won’t be strolling up and down my street with a leashed chicken any time soon.

However, if you are a lucky chicken owner living in America, then check out more about this harness here.

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    Yesito Chicken Harness Hen Size With 6ft Matching Leash - Adjustable, Resilient, Comfortable, Breathable, Large, Suitable for Chicken Weighing about 6.6 Pound,Black