You Can Now Get Teddy Bear Replicas Of Your Dog

Cuddle Clones

He’s a smelly old thing who loves nothing more than a good ol’ roll in warm fox poop.

But to me, my dog is my grouchy teddy bear and woe betide anyone who says he shouldn’t be sleeping on my bed.

Sadly, there are times in life when you have to head out into the big bad world solo; battling the Beast from the East with only your thickest socks and soup flask to comfort you.

Work, family visits and city breaks are all considered to be strictly no pet zones; despite your need for cuddles rising with every awkward social interaction.

I know I can’t be the only one gazing wistfully at iPhone pics of my favourite fluffy guy come lunchtime, haunted by the pleading barks as I left him home all alone.

But what if you could have a teddy clone of your beloved doggo; huggable, soft and portable until you can be reunited with your best pal once more? This would surely make those drop offs at the vets/groomers far less anxiety-inducing.

Cuddle Clones have got you covered; creating 100% custom handmade teddy puppers for your cuddling pleasure.

The process is as simple as a game of fetch. Cuddle Clones uses pictures of your pet – be that dog, chinchilla or bunny – to make an incredibly lifelike, suitably adorable plush toy.

Cuddle Clones

Loving owners can customise their teddy right down to the most personal, quirky details. Got a cat with mismatched eyes? A ferret with heart shaped spots? Your teddy will reflect your fur baby’s unique appearance.

Tails are available in ‘excited, relaxed or laying down’, whereas ears can be ‘up, folded or floppy.’ The teddy can be in a sitting or standing position, depending on how lazy your pet is I guess.

Of course, all besotted owners would know their pet’s grin/grumpy expression anywhere. Therefore you can select a mouth which is open, closed or even with a ‘sticking out tongue.’ And buyers have been left impressed by the depth of detail.

Mary, from Otisco, Indiana wrote the following glowing testimonial on the Cuddle Clones website:

I truly can’t thank you enough. What you and your company has done is incredible. I felt like I was talking to and dealing with a friend from the very beginning.

You’ve given me my precious Mini-Holly to hold for when she’s no longer with me, which I hope is not for a long time, but the fact remains that my arms won’t be quite as empty when the time does come.

Cuddle Clones

Of course, the customisation process is way more intricate than say, your local Build A Bear Workshop.

Cuddle addicts can expect to wait between four to eight weeks for their special new teddy to be created.

Prices begin at £129.50 for mini critters such as rabbits and guinea pigs, rising to a steeper £144.04 for larger animals such as dogs, cats and horses.

Sweetest of all, a portion of each sale goes towards supporting worthy pet causes worldwide. Money goes to animal loving organisations such as Nicky Sue, Pet Finder Foundation and Dogs on Deployment.

Cuddle Clones

If only my birthday wasn’t so gosh darn far away. Time to start dropping some major hints now…