You Can Now Sleep In A Tiny Cabin That’s Filled With Bees In Romania

by : Emily Brown on : 14 Aug 2020 12:40
You Can Now Sleep In A Tiny Cabin Filled With Bees In RomaniaYou Can Now Sleep In A Tiny Cabin Filled With Bees In RomaniaNewsflash/PA

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live in a beehive? No? Me neither, but you can now experience it by sleeping in a tiny cabin filled with the buzzing insects. 

I know, I know, it doesn’t sound like the most relaxing experience, but it’s actually being offered as a way to soothe stressed out customers, according to owner Vasile Nasca.


The 45-year-old works as a beekeeper in the commune of Santana de Mures, in the north-central Romanian county of Mures, and he claims that the humming of the bees helps people to relax, stimulates the nervous system and boosts hearing.

Take a look at the cabin below:

Having worked with bees for 20 years, Nasca knows his stuff, and he is now offering people the chance to enjoy therapeutic sessions in a wood cabin where clients can lie on a bed next to four horizontal hives and listen to the bees’ hums.


Nasca explained:

I inherited the passion from my father Alexandru Nasca, known in the area as Sandy Stuparul, who is 83 years old and still works as a beekeeper.

He is also my main helper even though some people may think he is too old. Actually, the work helps him to keep active and he still feels young at heart.

I do not consider myself better than other beekeepers, but having such passion and experience with bees, and seeing what other countries have been doing, I thought it would be a good idea to offer such a therapy.

Nasca added that, if he only produced honey, he wouldn’t make enough money to keep the business going, so ‘decided to do more with the bees’.

Cabin where people relax with beesCabin where people relax with beesNewsflash

Nasca said the buzzing of bees can be used as a therapeutic treatment for many ailments, such as hearing loss, depression, migraines, stress, or fatigue, and lying down in a cabin with the insects is also likely to stop people being afraid of them.

The beekeeper was given EU funding to develop his buzzing therapy centre, and after trying out the service on acquaintances and clients he received a great response.

Bees in cabinBees in cabinNewsflash

Nasca said:


People are very excited about it… we have taken all the necessary measures to minimise the risk of bee stings. Actually, the risk of accidentally being stung by a bee outside is higher than in our cabins.

I’m optimistic about the future of bees. I don’t think they will all disappear because it would lead to disaster. Einstein was right when he said that we would all be wiped out within a few years if bees died out.

Nasca went on to point out that while he doesn’t think bees will disappear completely, their numbers are in ‘constant decline’ and measures must be taken to help save them.

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