YouTube Star Bento The Keyboard Cat Has Sadly Died Aged 9

by : UNILAD on : 19 Mar 2018 10:27
Keyboard Cat/YouTube

The internet has brought us many extraordinary things over the years but none greater than Bento the Keyboard Cat, IMHO.


Bento wasn’t just any cat. He was a hero to all creatures great and small, bringing joy to millions across the world with his exceptional musical talent.

Sadly though Bento has taken his final bow, after performing a final encore, passing away at the age of 9 on March 8.

I am sure he is up there now in cat heaven jamming with the other kitties who also have a song in their heart.


Bento left behind his owner Charlie Schmidt, who confirmed the tragic news in a video tribute posted to Facebook, compiling the best videos and images of the beloved internet pop culture figure.

Receiving thousands of likes, fans also paid tribute to Bento in the comments section, thanking him for making them smile.

One last photo of Bento looking extra cute was captioned with the dates of his birth and death:

Bento wasn’t the first Keyboard Cat, as Fatso, another kitty owned by Schmidt, was also talented when it came to the keys seen in original footage filmed in 1984.

However, Bento was a Keyboard Cat for the digital age, shooting to fame in 2009 thanks to videos of him playing the piano going viral.

Schmidt either had an eye for musically talented cats or he is just damn good at teaching them to play the keyboard!

Keyboard Cat/YouTube

Once he became a celebrity, Bento made the role his own appearing in several videos and many advertising campaigns.

Bento even had his own range of Keyboard Cat merchandise which naturally flew off the shelves.

For Bento though fame wasn’t just about the money; he also did some charitable work becoming the face of the animal shelter from which he was adopted.

Keyboard Cat/YouTube

Fans have been remembering his unique talent on social media the past week.

TaRhonda Thomas paid tribute tweeting:

Bento the Keyboard Cat has died. He passed away last week. He’ll live forever in our memes…

Bek was equally devastated writing:

Everyone gets sad when musicians die but I have not seen one Keyboard Cat post and I guess maybe the world is just still in shock to have lost the realest artist of them all.


Aidan tried to remain positive by thinking about what Bento is getting up to in the afterlife:

I just found out that Keyboard Cat died. RIP kitty, I hope you’re playing keyboard in heaven with Gabe the Dog on vocals.

That’s not to say the internet has stopped providing us with funnies, take a look at UNILAD’s Best of February Compilation:

But still, Bento has rightly earned a place in all of our hearts.

Rest in peace, Bento.

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