‘Zombie Deer’ Caught Feasting On Human Remains On Camera

Lauren A. Meckel/ Academia

A ‘zombie deer’ has been captured feasting on a human body for the first time and it’s seriously disturbing. 

It’s not exactly everyday you see a deer – who mainly only really eat plants and leaves – chowing down on a nice, tasty piece of human bone, but now the terrifying has happened and it’s freaky AF…

Scientists at the Forensic Anthropology Research Facility in San Marcos, Texas have caught footage of a deer nibbling on a decomposing corpse at a body farm – which in itself sounds like something from a horror film – for the first time ever.

Lauren A. Meckel/ Academia

According to the National Geographic, researchers set up the motion-sensitive camera at the farm – a 26 acre of woodland which allows researchers to decompose dead bodies and watch the wildlife that is attracted.

Normally raccoons, turkeys, foxes and vultures are regulars at this morbid ‘dead-body-diner,’ but this time round a white-tailed deer was also drawn in by the gruesome scent of rotting human flesh.

This particular dead-being had been decomposing away for around six months, before scientists spotted the deer holding ‘the bone in its mouth like a cigar,’ on several occasions in January 2015.

Lauren A. Meckel/ Academia

The paper published in the Journal of Forensic Scientists, is apparently the ‘first known photographic evidence of deer gnawing human remains.’

The publication continued to explain how the deer was most likely drawn to the bones for a munch as it was deficient in minerals such as calcium, sodium and phosphorus.

It is thought they do this during winter months to ‘obtain minerals absent in their diet’.

Pretty disconcerting to think a deer might enjoy nibbling on a skeleton, but at least there’s no cases of actual ‘ undead flesh-eating zombie deers,’ yet..