Zoo Admits Killing Nine Completely Healthy Lion Cubs

Boras Zoo

A Swedish zoo has killed nine perfectly healthy lion cubs over the last six years, its CEO has announced.

Bo Kjellson said Borås Djurpark zoo in western Sweden killed the innocent cubs because they became ‘surplus animals’ and ‘aggression became too big’ in the group of lions.

They could also not be sold or moved.

Kjellson also said more of the poor cubs could be ‘put to death’ if they cannot be sent elsewhere and don’t settle in with the others.

Boras Zoo

The Daily Mail reports, speaking about the decision to slaughter the cubs, Kjellson told SVT:

I think that they were killed after two years.

At that time we had already tried to sell or to relocate them at other zoos for a long time but, unfortunately, there were no zoos that could receive them – and when the aggression became too big in the group we had to remove some animals. And it had to be them.

Boras Zoo

The lions put down were named Potter, Weasley, Simba, Rafiki, Nala, Sarabi, Kiara, Kovu and Banzai.

Simba, Rafiki, Nala and Sarabi were born in spring 2012, only to be mercilessly killed in autumn 2013.

Kiara, Banzai and Kovu met their own maker in the summer of 2015, after only being born in spring 2014.

Borås Djurpark was founded in 1962 and is home to around 500 animals from 80 different species. It covers almost 100 acres of grounds.