If you’ve just done an Acca you’ll want to read this.


It’s part of the Saturday ritual, you wake up filled with optimism, thrilled you’ve been able to have a lie in – John from the office isn’t going to be on your case today; you finally have a couple of days to yourself. Better yet the football is on, everyone’s backing Chelsea to win but you know more than Lawro, or Redknapp, and you’re going to make it count. You head down to the bookies, and put your money where your mouth is. After a gruelling and tense couple of hours, the underdogs have managed to hold out, Jose’s fuming but you’re buzzing, and better yet the weekend has just begun.

Truth is it doesn’t always work out that way, we’ve all been there. Falling at the first hurdle – The Early Kick off, or being one goal shy of seeing your bet come in.

So here are some genuine tips for gambling responsibly:

Never chase a loss, know when to give up. Don’t be that guy.

Or this guy,

Only bet what you can afford. Know your limits before you start.


It’s simple, if you can’t afford the stakes put on the brakes.

We all know if Anger is setting in you’re never gonna win. Don’t be that guy.

Lastly and most importantly never put a bet before your mates. Never risk a friendship.


Follow this guide and the highs will be even better and the lows much less devastating.

If you’re worried about yours or a mates gambling behaviour please contact www.gambleaware.co.uk for support.