Bryan Cranston Shares Details Of ‘Chilling Encounter With Charles Manson’


Bryan Cranston has shared a chilling tribute to Charles Manson who died today aged 83. 

The Breaking Bad star detailed the day he came across the man, whose ‘family’ were responsible were five murders in 1969.

A year before the brutal killings, however, a young Cranston came across Manson at a horseback riding ranch.

He wrote:

Hearing Charles Manson is dead, I shuddered. I was within his grasp just one year before he committed brutal murder in 1969. Luck was with me when a cousin and I went horseback riding at the Span [sic] Ranch, and saw the little man with crazy eyes whom the other hippies called Charlie.

Cranston, who would’ve been 12-years-old at the time, also spoke about the chilling encounter in a Daily Beast profile last year.

The actor recalled the ‘frantic nervous energy’ going around.


He said:

I was very young but old enough to be on my own. Me and my female cousin, who is a year-and-a-half older than I am, we were dropped off to go horseback riding while my mom and uncle went off and did something else. So we were checking out our horses at Spahn Ranch, which is very close to where I was raised.

We noticed that the people around there were all strange in their own kind of interesting way. There was an old guy [Spahn] checking us in and some guy in his twenties came in yelling, ‘Charlie’s on the hill! Charlie’s on the hill!’ Everybody looked around and there was this frantic nervous energy going on, and they all jumped on horses and away they went.

We asked the old guy what was going on, and he said, ‘Oh, it’s nothing. It’s happened before.’ We thought, well, Charlie must be someone important.

He added:

So we get our horses and go along the trail, and about, oh, 20 minutes after we left the barn area where the horses were gathered, we see this trail of horses coming back.

There were about eight or so people, and there was a man in the middle on a horse but he wasn’t holding his own reins—there was someone on the horse in front holding the reins—and Charlie, I guessed, was this comatose, bearded, long-haired guy with big eyes riding as if he’s just stuck to the back of a horse. Totally zoned out. You couldn’t take your eyes off him.

He explained:

My cousin turned back to me and said, ‘Wow, that guy’s weird.’ When we passed him and their whole group, she turned around again and said, ‘That must be Charlie,’ and I said, ‘Yeah… and Charlie’s freaky!’ We didn’t think anything of it.

It wasn’t until a year later that the murders happened, and then it was six months or so after that when he was arrested. I saw his face on the news and my jaw dropped. My cousin called me first and said, ‘Can you believe this?’ The picture of Charlie Manson was the guy on the back of this horse. And we thought for a second, oh my god, what if? It was very freaky, to say the least. Oh, man…

Manson had been imprisoned since 1971.