Ed Sheeran ‘Dating’ Nicole Scherzinger After Wooing Her With His Music

Ed Sheeran Dating Nicole Scherzinger After Wooing Her With His Music UNILAD shee web4Nicole Scherzinger

Two of the most powerful artists in the UK have started dating each other, with Ed Sheeran and former X-Factor judge and Pussycat Doll Nicole Scherzinger hooking up.

The 24 year old superstar has been open about their connection, with The Sun reporting that close friends and colleagues know about the relationship, which is in its early stages.

The duo are thought to have just got together, and it comes on the back of Lewis Hamilton being linked with Rihanna, meaning the one time couple of Hamilton and Scherzinger seem to be over for good.

While they might be a bit of an unlikely pairing, especially when you consider the age gap between the pair, apparently a connection formed after the 37 year old found comfort in Sheeran’s songs, and things spiralled from there, with the pair spending time together at Sheeran’s local pub and backstage at his gig in Wembley.

Scherzinger apparently feels Sheeran is the male version of her – and if that’s the case, we like her even more, because Sheeran is a top bloke and certainly someone we have plenty of time for.