NASA Will Pay You To Stay In Bed For 90 Days Straight

NASA Will Pay You To Stay In Bed For 90 Days Straight nasa webNASA

You know how some mornings, you just don’t want to get out of bed?

Well NASA might have the dream job for you. They are looking for people to earn actual money for lying in bed for a couple of months, and all because they want to test out different ways of preserving astronauts’ health and safety during extended periods of time in space.

You might wonder how bed rest manages to achieve this, but apparently, head down bed rest is one of the closest things you can use to simulate travel through zero gravity space.

Test subjects will be split into two groups, exercising and non exercising, with the exercising group being able to do special activities as long as they remain lying down, and the non exercising group obviously remaining still.

You have to spend between 90 and 105 days straight in bed to get your $18,000 and while you can use Skype, read books and play on your phone, you’re not actually allowed to move, and after about a week in bed, that might end up being seriously frustrating.