Someone Has Built A Gay Bar On Vladimir Putin’s Holiday Island

Someone Has Built A Gay Bar On Vladimir Putins Holiday Island UNILAD gaybar16Getty

Russian president Vladimir Putin isn’t known for being the most tolerant of men.

So to hear that a couple of guys have gone and built a gay bar on his holiday island is both quite funny and a little bit alarming – for the guys, not Putin, obviously.

Hip hop duo Far & Son admitted being behind the bar, saying there were plenty of young people on the island who would be happy to use it for ‘gay kisses, hand jobs and blow jobs’.

Said guys have been reported to the police for ‘pure hooliganism’, with Russian authorities failing to see the funny side of things.

A police spokesperson claimed they were taking the incident very seriously and stated:

The perpetrators forced their way into the area and built something, leaving their rubbish behind.

This incident has been classed as trespassing, as well as some sanitation violations.

Police have been in contact with the Russian consul and documented the crime scene.