This Guy Transformed His Shed Into The Coolest Cinema Room Ever


One lad has pimped his shed and turned it into an incredible room which provides the ultimate cinema experience.

From the outside, the Torii Cinema looks like a plain old garden shed, but step inside and you’re greeted by a scene of luxury, with theatre-style seating, an ED projector and Dolby surround sound.

Oh, and there’s also a custom built pick n’ mix counter, a popcorn maker and games consoles on offer to keep you occupied.

Ashley Yeats from Bedfordshire created the unique home cinema as a side project to his Torii gardens company, and he’s now put all other Netflix viewing experiences to shame!

It looks incredible and we’d love to give this thing a whirl. There’s just one snag – if you want a Torii Cinema with all the trimmings of your own, it will set you back a whopping £32,000. Though you a scaled back version can be picked up for the much more affordable £16,000. Anyone fancy lending us some cash?