UNILAD and the British Army have teamed up to show you just what it’s like to be in the force! We’ve learnt lots – from how to stalk like a sniper to how to survive in the jungles of Central America. Check out what we got up to below, and see if you have got what it takes…

Week 1

See what the start of Infantry training looks like..

Week 2

Could you boss an Army assault course?

Week 3

Grenades and helicopters anyone?

Do you want to shoot like a sniper, put your gaming skills to the test, drive like a pro, survive snake bites and abseil down waterfalls? Check out the ladies and lads who do...

Snipe and Seek

Watch: Bam take on Sniper Training

Mayan Warrior Training

Watch: how the British Army train for jungle warfare

Boxing in the Army

Watch: Soldiers vs England Boxing Team

Fish Out Of Water

Watch: Surviving The Jungle

Surviving a Night

Watch: A Comedian Take On Soldier Training

COD in Reality

Watch: Call of Duty pro players take on soldiers

Adventure Training

Watch: Recruits take on Belize

Training In Belize

Watch: British Army Training In Belize

Overseas Aid Work

Watch: Overseas Aid Work With The British Army