Brave Euros Fans Let Their Mates Choose Their Haircuts – Hilarity Ensues


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scalp-brave_02_fbAnna Stokland

How much do you trust your mates? Enough to let them pick a haircut for you? Me neither.

That didn’t stop these brave football fans placing their hair in the hands of their friends and allowing themselves to have a ‘blindfolded’ haircut and be Scalp Brave.

scalp-brave_inprogress_01Anna Stokland

Basically, they sat in front of a blacked out mirror while their mates chose a mystery footballer’s hairstyle for them. Unfortunately for them the guy doing the haircut was superstar barber Mika Caiolas, known for his outlandish styles.

scalp-brave_inprogress_03Anna Stokland

Caiolas’s past clients include megastars such as Nani, Ronaldo and Pogba. Giving those huge names eye-catching styles that have supermodels swarming all over them.

scalp-brave_mika-caiolas_01Anna Stokland

However, while these haircuts might look good on the pitch in front of millions of people, or while driving a platinum Mercedes around Milan – they probably aren’t going to go down so well in the queue at Greggs or while popping down ASDA to grab some toilet paper.

Nevertheless these loons put their faith in Mika Caiolas and their mates by deciding to get the bravest haircut of their lives.

We’ll let you judge the results:


scalp-brave_done_03_neymarAnna Stokland

Sergio Ramos:

scalp-brave_done_04Anna Stokland

Ricardo Quaresma:

Head&Shoulders-ScalpBrave-025Anna Stokland

And finally, Pogba:

scalp-brave_done_05Anna Stokland