BrewDog To Make One £25 Investor A ‘Millionaire’

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BrewDog Millionaire Equity For PunksBrewDog Millionaire Equity For Punks


Everyone knows BrewDog. They’re the original craft beer kings and have been knocking out gourmet pints since 2007 from their base in the far north of Scotland.

They boast one of the biggest communities and most established brands in the craft beer game, with a business that has ballooned to a value in the multiple millions. Now, the Scottish brewers are offering fans of the brand the chance to buy into BrewDog, with one investor winning £1,000,000 worth of shares in the company.

The radical initiative was unveiled by founders James Watt and Martin Dickie at their PunkAGM in Aberdeen on April 6th – and the idea is as out-there as it is genius. Oh, and obviously, they’ve called it BrewDog Millionaire. Sometimes in life, it’s best to think of a good pun and then work backwards from that.


The Equity for Punks crowdfunding campaign seeks to elevate their number of shareholders to 200,000 and to generate £7 million – enough to move the business onto the next level.

That means launching a second DogHouse craft beer hotel in London, opening a whole new brewery in Berlin, another in China, expanding The BrewDog Distilling Company to branch out into gin, vodka and more, as well as cutting the ribbon on five new bars in each of their key target markets; France, Germany, Italy and Spain.

Even if you don’t win, you’re still a shareholder of BrewDog for just £25, and are eligible for a raft of benefits. That means discounts online and in BrewDog bars, a free beer on your birthday every year for life and, of course, the chance to attend the famous PunkAGM next year. Of course, invest more than £25 and you become eligible for yet more Tiered benefits.

Brewdog Punk AGMBrewdog Punk AGM

You don’t have to be Jordan Belfort to see that this is probably an investment worth making – plus you can win £1,000,000 worth of shares – so let’s get down to the nuts and bolts of how you can do it.

Shares in BrewDog cost £25 each and can be purchased through BrewDog’s website or via a paper application form. Alternatively, you can just walk into a BrewDog bar and do it there, which is truly the best way to go about any financial investment.

Applications will be accompanied by a trivia question- related to beer, obviously – which if answered correctly could see any investor could become the BrewDog Millionaire.

Brewdog Punk AGMBrewdog Punk AGM


James Watt, founder and ‘captain’ of BrewDog said of the share giveaway:

We are proud to be supported by nearly 100,000 Equity Punks who love craft beer as much as we do.

Brewdog Punk AGMBrewdog Punk AGM

He continued:

They are our community, our shareholders and our friends and the driving force behind our business. Since Equity for Punks first began we have been blown away by their enthusiasm in rising up against bad beer alongside us.

The growth BrewDog has shown over the last decade could only have been achieved with the encouragement and support of our kick-ass Equity Punk community. But we are far from being done yet.


This advertorial constitutes a financial promotion relating to a public offer for subscription (the “Offer”) of up to 2,000,000 B ordinary shares of 1p each in the capital of BrewDog plc (the “Company”, “BrewDog”) and is issued by BrewDog and approved by SPNV Limited (FCA number: 610217) for the purposes of section 21 of the Financial Services and Markets Act 2000 (“FSMA”).

The Offer is constituted in a prospectus published by the Company on 5 April 2019 (the “Prospectus”) which is available from www.brewdog.com/equityforpunks. Please note that applications to subscribe for shares in BrewDog may only be made, and will only be accepted, subject to the terms and conditions of the Prospectus.

This document is an advertisement and not a prospectus. Investors should not subscribe for shares in BrewDog as referred to herein except on the basis of the information contained in the Prospectus.


You should read the Prospectus in full before deciding whether to invest and bear in mind the risks of investing, such as:
• The value of BrewDog shares can go down as well as up and, if you invest, you might not get your money back. Past performance is not necessarily a guide to future performance.
• Before making a decision, think about whether investing is right for you and don’t invest more than you can afford.
• BrewDog is not yet listed on any stock exchange so shares can only be sold once a year via our trading platform. Also, as we are not yet listed, we are also not subject to all the rules and regulations which apply to listed companies.


Ladbible Group Limited accepts no liability in contract, tort, negligence, statutory duty or otherwise (to the maximum extent permitted by applicable law) arising directly or indirectly from: (i) anything done or the consequences of anything done or omitted to be done wholly or partly in reliance upon the whole or any part of the contents of this Advertorial and the external Prospectus; and (ii) the use of any of the information, data or materials in this Advertorial and/or the Prospectus and further hereby disclaims all liability arising from, the acts or omissions of Brewdog PLC and/or SPNV Limited or any related third parties. Ladbible Group Limited is not regulated or authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority. Independent Financial Advice should be sought by any interested party to this Advertorial and associated Prospectus.

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