Date or Dump


Date Or Dump

‘Date or dump’ is the most awkward way to get to know someone ??

Posted by UNILAD on Sunday, 11 February 2018

A first date is already a nerve-racking test of compatibility, egos and opinion, so here at UNILAD we thought we’d add competition and money into the mix as well by turning a first date into an incredibly awkward game – Date or Dump.

Two random people are blindfolded and sat opposite each other, accompanied with a glass of red and a pack of question cards holding the key to their potential prize.

They have to answer questions about each other from a multiple choice selection, winning £100 for each correct answer they get.

However, they’ve never met each other, so this is where first impressions play a very important role.

The questions get pretty personal, asking where the weirdest place they’ve had sex is, to their nickname and favourite snack.

It’s the ‘Dump or Date’ twist at the end of the game that is truly telling of a person’s personality. They can be savage and take the money for themselves, or play nice and share the pot equally.

If they both choose ‘Date’, the couple splits the cash and goes on a second date. There is also a much more mercenary way to take all of the cash for yourself, which is if one person chooses ‘Dump’ and the other goes for ‘Date’.

If both of the contestants on ‘Date or Dump’ are feeling particularly greedy and go for the ‘Dump’ option, they both leave with nothing except a small dose of shame and regret.

It helps to be a baby-faced assassin in this game. They’ve got to trick their date into a false sense of security.