Drinkaware Teams Up With UNILAD For Fresher’s Week Safety Tips


Fresher’s week is fast approaching and with a lot of students leaving home for the first time, Drinkaware has teamed up with UNILAD to help you stay safe and settle in during your first few weeks.

The first few weeks is usually celebratory – after all, you’ve worked your socks off to secure your place. 

There will be parties to help students integrate, get to know others and potentially make new friends – something which makes the settling in process much easier, even in the world of Facebook.


However, while there’s nothing wrong with alcohol consumption, responsible drinking and knowing your limits is very important.

With 54 per cent of 18-24-year-old female students subjected to sexual harassment on nights out, fresher’s week will, unfortunately, be a hotspot for such activity. It’s vital to remain safe during your time at university, especially during fresher’s week.

Besides sexual harassment, other drinking related issues including passing out in a public space, visiting the hospital due to over-drinking, and accidents because of a lack of control are among other alcohol-related issues plaguing fresher’s week. 

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So what can you do to stay safe?

Know your limits: Don’t drink too much beyond the point where you’re no longer in control of your actions or risk not remembering your night out and your fresher’s week. 

Be vigilant: Always keep your eyes open and if you see any unusual activity, report it immediately.

Where possible, go out with people you know: Fresher’s week means you may not yet know anyone there, but if possible go with a group or your new flatmates.

Pubs And Clubs in England and Wales Prepare For New Licensing LawsGetty

Travel safely: Get a taxi home after your night out. If you’re on foot, take a well-lit route home.  

Attend officially organised events: Most universities will host official events and parties for you to meet fellow students. Keep things official, as those events will be properly supervised. 


Seek help and speak up immediately: If you think you have been a victim of any form of harassment, speak to someone at the university immediately.

You can also challenge it using the #gropefreenights hashtag to call out the behaviour and share your experience online.

We want you to have a successful fresher’s week, full of excitement and new friendships. Do so while staying safe and make it a memorable one.