Meeting People Just Got A Whole Lot Easier Thanks To This Innovation


UNILAD with Huggle


Socialising is hard nowadays. Used to be you just sat in a park drinking cider until someone complimented you on your sweet Limp Bizkit hoodie – then you’d date for six or seven incredibly awkward years.

At least that’s how I remember it.

Since the early 2000s of my youth it has become much more complicated. You have to pose for a profile photo that doesn’t look too posed, pretend to be interested in stuff like ‘cooking’ and ‘the gym’. And that’s just to get someone interested.

dating_wikimediaWikimedia Commons

The worst part is on most apps 1 out of 10 profiles aren’t actually real – which is a lot of accounts. Added to that 54% of online users feel that they’ve been provided false information by the real people they do manage to meet.

So you can go to all the effort of falling for someone only to discover you’ve been catfished or lied to.


But now, disappointment depends on what app you use. The Huggle team have been working hard to add new features to protect users from heartbreak.

They’re combating catfishing using an innovative photo verification tool, where users are asked to take a selfie with a unique pose (pretty much all of my terrible selfies are unique). Huggle’s team of over 5,000 moderators will check to make sure the user has followed the app’s directions, and then will approve the user.

Beat that catfish! No more uploading random people’s pictures to apps you creeps.


Huggle has also makes it hard for people to pretend they’re into the same things as you. Because the app helps people find each other based on where they actually go and what they actually do.

Which does mean I’ll have to take ‘gym goer’ off my profile and add ‘Pizza Hut’ instead.

They use hyper-local technology which stops fake check-ins. Meaning people can’t lie about their current location or try to check-in somewhere else.

Now I just need to sit back and let the cider drinking, pizza loving, former Limp Bizkit fans come to me – just like the good old days in the park.