Jameson Space-Aged: The Real Story


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Jameson Whiskey

When I think of whiskey, particularly Irish, it’s Jameson that always comes to mind first. I don’t know why – it just is.

That Goliath green bottle of golden nectar, particularly the 4.5 litre number they’ve got hanging in my local, The Grapes, is always at the forefront of my mind when I think of liquid sunshine.

I’m no whiskey snob, however I do know that a nicely aged blended whiskey goes for a helluva lot more than your average stuff.

By that logic, a whiskey that’s had a more interesting life than your run-of-the mill bottle, should tickle the fancy of whiskey drinkers across the globe that little bit more.

Therefore, they should be very excited about this new special edition Jameson which is set to launch tomorrow and is completely out of this world…

Jameson Whiskey

But first off, you need to know how a whiskey can officially be called an Irish whiskey.

Now a spirit cannot call itself Irish unless it’s spent three years maturing in Ireland and for over two centuries the Jameson Master Distillers have religiously adhered to the processes John Jameson established in 1780.

However, here’s where the fun starts, once this period has passed the Irish whiskey can travel anywhere in the world or beyond. Wink wink.

So where are Jameson going next? Scotland? The southern states of America? The Caribbean? I guess you could say they’re going to all three of them. Hell they’re going to every destination on Earth as these bottles of Jameson are going to sit way above them all somewhere thousands of feet high in space.

That’s right, Jameson are going to space with their new and ambitious product, Jameson Space-Aged.

Jameson Whiskey

To get into the nitty gritty, Jameson Space-Aged was traditionally aged in Midleton, Co. Cork before being launched into outer space to finish the maturation process.

Apparently the combination of altitude, pressure, and solar radiation transforms the liquid into an even more exceptional whiskey that has a taste beyond compare.

And it isn’t just about taste. For all the whiskey lovers out there, Jameson Space-Aged will have a scent peppered by stardust and hydrogen to compliment the nasal cavity. Mmmm hydrogen.

Jameson Whiskey

Jameson lovers will need to act fast though as there will only be 1780 bottles of Jameson Space-Aged, paying homage to the year the Jameson Distillery was established in Dublin.

This extremely limited release will only be available for purchase from April 2nd. To find out more click here.

But perhaps best of all – they even filmed the launch of Jameson into space.

Now to come crashing down to earth… It won’t be available for sale at all, as this entire story was all part of an elaborate April Fools’ joke played out by Jameson.

Fair play to them for the banter though. Not many companies would go to these heights to dish out such an elaborate April Fools’ joke as this.

Well played Jameson, well played…