Kevin Hart And Usain Bolt’s Online Battle Is Getting Personal

by : UNILAD on : 20 Jul 2017 13:38

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Kevin Hart and Usain Bolt’s ongoing beef is showing no sign of drawing to a quiet conclusion.

The pair are set to go head-to-head at the PokerStars Championship in the Bahamas come January 2018, but there is a long road ahead, and their bankroll is entirely dependent on who can play the best hand online and outsmart their opponent in the #gameon battle.

And things have already started to get fiery, with Hart taking aim at the Jamaican sprinter’s book…


Hart fired the opening shots after revealing Bolt’s biography is the only unread item in his personal library – not that you could read it given it’s now filled with the comedian’s jewellery!

But you’ve another thing coming if you think the world record-holding athlete is going to take that lying down.

Bolt came surging back into contention in the social battle going so far as to insist his tweet would get more likes than Hart’s book gets sales – ouch!

Bolt’s followers approved:

Hart then revealed what he considers to be a ‘winning pair’ in the form of two Lamborghinis…


Of course, the professional comic wasn’t counting on Bolt having ‘three of a kind’ up his sleeve!

That is where things started to get very personal.

Hart decided to improve his opponent’s famous ‘To Di World’ pose, a bold move.

It received a frosty reception from Usain’s followers:

It left some wondering whether the sprinter would retaliate…

Of course he would, he always does, and he certainly didn’t hold back in questioning Hart’s talent!


But it’s Hart’s latest move that may give him an edge:

It caught the eye of one fellow actor, who could smell what the comedian was cooking…

Usain wasn’t born yesterday though, he knows in this battle of wits it’s important to be more shrewd than the competition.

And what beats the brute force of a lion? The speed of a cheetah of course – well played Mr. Bolt.

A man who is no stranger to a Las Vegas table, Daniel Negreanu, has joined PokerStars to calculate the current score in the battle of one-upmanship:

Bolt certainly has the fans on side, but with a gargantuan following the comedian is getting some serious stats and even celebrity engagement.

So Usain is ahead by just one point at this stage, leading 13-12.

So the Game is certainly still on!