KFC Announces Double Down Available For Free In London Tomorrow

by : Julia Banim on : 03 Oct 2017 16:31

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The day is almost upon us. A much loved KFC favourite is about to hit the UK, with all the hype of a star-studded box office hit.

Pushing the boundaries of what we know to be a burger, the Double Down sandwich consists of a hearty helping of bacon, Monterey Jack Cheese and BBQ sauce, wedged between two of KFC’s iconic chicken breast fillets.


In a head spinning twist, there isn’t a crumb of bread to be found on this meaty meal. The chicken is the bun.

Hailed by many burger aficionados as the world’s best fast food sandwich, the Double Down has already gained a die-hard fanbase across the USA, Australia and New Zealand.

The delectable Double Down will technically be made available in UK stores from Monday 9 October, for a perfect six weeks before disappearing once again into whispered folklore.


However, if you live within the vicinity of Gloucester Road KFC in South Kensington – i.e. if you are a jammy Londoner – you are in for an extra bonus treat.

On Wednesday 4 October from 12pm, there will be a special limited release of 200 free Double Downs.

Innovation Director at KFC UK and Ireland, Jack Hinchliffe, said:


There’s been so much excitement for the Double Down since it first launched to the US in 2010,

It’s sold out in every country that it’s been released in, so we’re anticipating it’ll be a sell-out success here in the UK.

Hinchliffe also spoke about the ‘wild’ fandom which has come to surround the notorious sandwich:

Fandom has gone wild over the past few years on social media, and we’ve even had reports of our customers taking things into their own hands by hacking the menu to create the sandwich.

It seems people agree with us… there’s nothing better than an Original Recipe fillet, so if you can’t beat it – double it


Understandably, the good people of Great Britain are already salivating at the thought of getting their mitts on KFC’s most successful, and mouth-wateringly unconventional, burger.

I honestly haven’t seen so much passion projected towards a sandwich since somebody stole Ross’s ‘moist maker’ on Friends.

One person has tweeted, in full excitable caps, ‘KFC DOUBLE DOWN COMING TO THE UK I WILL EAT SEVEN’.


Another has solemnly declared, ‘The KFC #DoubleDown coming to the UK is just the news we wanted’

Blimey. Whether our not the Double Down will solve all our problems is yet to be confirmed, however it’s certain this will make a extremely tasty addition to KFC UK’s menu.

The nights may be getting darker, but mealtime is certainly getting brighter…

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