KFC Gaming Launches With Incredible Secret Envelope Prizes


In partnership with KFC


Not content with providing us with the tastiest, finger-lickinest chicken you’ve ever laid your chops on, it looks like KFC are now branching out into the world of gaming…

Over the last few months the world famous chicken chain have been busy setting up new social channels on Instagram and Twitter, subtly hinting at what is to come.

Although the channels are already live, they’ve been doing a spot of cheeky teasing, involving a series of cryptic messages and followings… exciting eh?

But the enigmatic clues don’t end there, KFC have gone one step further and have sent out a whole load of ‘secret envelopes’ to a long list of influencers including OKMultiplay, JMX, Willis Gaming, Capgun Tom, MattHDGamer, Two SYNC, UnknownPlayer, TommyT and a whole lot more.

Now, these guys were under strict instruction not to open their envelopes… until now!

And of course, they’ve now all revealed what exactly was inside…

Check it out for yourselves here:

That’s right! The Colonel is being extra generous to the gaming community and has provided them with a free Bucket each.

What better way to settle down to a gaming session than with a bucket of KFC’s finest chicken to keep you going!

Josh Benge, UK Social Media Manager for KFC UK said:

We know KFC fans love gaming and it’s something we’ve wanted to get involved with for a while.

We’ve dabbled in the past, but this time we are going big! We’re very excited to announce that this is our full-entry into the gaming community.

Launching today, KFC Gaming will act as your go-to source for gaming updates, bespoke content, memes and much more; plus something HUGE is coming in the very near future, more news floating in a Fortnite or two…

And it seems like Fortnite Battle Royale is going to be one of the main focuses for the exciting new division of KFC as the bio promises it’s ‘Your chicken wing man for all those Victory Royales, it’s going to be Finger Lickin’ Good!’

On top of this, the video released alongside the announcement post showed a mouth watering selection of titles and esports event footage, which suggests KFC Gaming have their sights set on becoming a player in the ever growing industry…

Exact details of what KFC has planned for its new project are tantalisingly sketchy at the moment, but it’s a given that if you’re a fan of both the Colonel’s secret recipe and the gaming world, things are about to get a whole lot more interesting…