Magician Reveals How To Read Minds When Playing Poker


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Ladies and gentleman, boys and girls – strap yourself in for episode three of Thomas Gray’s road to Barcelona, where he learns how to read minds ahead of the PokerStars’ Championship.

So what do we have in store for you this week? Well Thomas caught up with none other than British magician, Steven Bridges, where he learnt how to read minds in order to bluff his poker opponents like crazy.

In an episode titled, The Art of the Bluff, Thomas was taught an absolutely classic magic trick: how to read anybody’s mind and predict what card they’re thinking of before pulling it out of a pack of cards.

But of course – it took a lot of practice for Thomas to get it right.

Performing magic tricks isn't as easy as it looks ?

Posted by UNILAD on Wednesday, 16 August 2017

However Steven insists there’s much more to it than just creeping a few people out.

Steven believes the trick will allow Thomas to completely throw his opponents off at the PokerStars’ Championship in Barcelona.

He said:

When you show them this they won’t know where they’re at. They’ll be scared of you. They won’t know what you’re thinking.

You’ll be able to bluff them all day long.

UNILAD / PokerStars

After more than a handful of wrong attempts, Thomas eventually got the hang of the bluff move and was able to blow several minds (see photo of a blown mind above).

Hopefully he can do the same over in Barcelona and leave his opponents utterly mind boggled when it comes to playing against him.