Magician’s Tricks Earn Him 1.8 Million Followers On TikTok

by : Julia Banim on : 04 Oct 2019 13:55

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Magician’s Tricks Earn Him 1.8 Million Followers On TikTokMagician’s Tricks Earn Him 1.8 Million Followers On TikTok@MagicSingh/TikTok

Amardeep Singh Dhanjal is truly a magician for the social media age; entertaining a mesmerising 1.8 million followers on TikTok.

Amardeep – whose vast fanbase includes Little Mix’s Perrie Edwards – is perhaps best known by his TikTok handle @magicsingh.


With so many people loving his TikTok videos, savvy Magic Singh has used the video app to bring his mystifying abilities to the world. And his skills in the realm of mystery and enchantment have left a whole new generation of magic lovers spellbound.

Watch Magic Singh pull a few tricks:

Like many great magicians before him, Amardeep started off small; performing in the school playground after being gifted a pack of cards as a youngster. He quickly came to love the very real power of magic tricks to bring happiness to those around him.


According to Magic Singh:

It never fails to put a smile on people’s faces, I found that energy and the way it brings people together intoxicating.

With his rapidly escalating popularity and renown, it’s difficult to remember Amardeep’s TikTok journey kicked off just 18 months ago.

Since then, Magic Singh’s career has levitated from relative obscurity to dizzying heights of internet fame; his followers multiplying like endless rabbits popping out of a hat.

Magic Singh TikTokMagic Singh TikTok@MagicSingh/TikTok

Amardeep’s videos have attracted hundreds upon hundreds of admiring comments, with fans puzzling and guessing away at his secrets.

This runaway success has had a profound effect on Amardeep’s offline life. He has seen bookings for his magic shows soar like doves from a hat, and has even started to get recognised in public like a true celeb.

According to Amardeep:


It’s incredible the way my videos on TikTok have got my name and face out there. I opened the door to a Deliveroo the other day and the driver said, ‘you’re the magic guy!’

I don’t know how he recognised me, I didn’t even have my turban on!

The huge boom in his popularity and online presence has encouraged Magic Singh to attempt more ambitious and complicated tricks; constantly staying one step ahead of his modern, savvy audience. However, he has – as of yet – refrained from sawing his wife in half.

Magic Singh TikTokMagic Singh TikTok@MagicSingh/TikTok

Of course, as has long been the case for those in the magician trade, there will always be naysayers keen to doubt or question the authenticity of Magic Singh’s tricks.


However, as an avowed member of the Magic Circle, Amardeep is determined to keep his secrets firmly within his sleeve.

Just maybe don’t oblige if he asks you to pull his finger.

You can check out all of Amardeep’s magic tricks here.

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