Poker Master Gives His Tips For Winning Huge Money


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If you’ve been following Thomas Gray’s road to the PokerStars’ Championship then you would’ve seen him walking across burning coals, learning how to read people, and destroying opponents when playing chess.

All of the above was carried out for one reason and one reason only – to learn the tricks of the trade which is poker – however now the time has come for Tom to actually put his hand to the game.

How so? Thomas has caught up with poker giant, Daniel Negreanu – a literal poker star who has bagged over $32,000,000 from poker tournaments alone.

Chatting to Thomas, Daniel explained his biggest tips in order to win big money when he’s at the PokerStars’ tournament.

Poker Master Shares Tips For Winning Big

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Posted by UNILAD on Friday, 25 August 2017

As you can see in the video above, Daniel explains:

I think everybody is capable of reading people, it’s just whether you trust yourself. So like a little baby, looks at its mum and it can tell if its angry or if its sad.

We have that ability at a very young age but what happens is as we get older we stop focussing on body language but if you really focus in on what you see there’s an instinct you’re going to have and once you start trusting that you’re going to read people much better.

But that’s not all. Daniel also revealed to Thomas just what he would do after pulling off a bluff in order to maximise psychological trickery for the following games.

UNILAD / PokerStars

Hopefully Thomas is able to put to use everything he’s picked up in the past four episodes and come home from the PokerStars’ tournament with his head held up high.