Professor Green And His Nan Help Open Tattoo Parlour For Over 70s


In Partnership With Coca-Cola


If you think growing old gracefully is overrated, then this tattoo parlour in London is definitely the place for you.

Professor Green helped launch the Coca-Cola Tattoo Studio in Shoreditch specifically to cater to the over 70s who want to tick a tattoo off the bucket list.

The parlour was opened in conjunction with Coca-Cola as part of the new Zero Sugar campaign which is encouraging people to try something new.


In the new ad campaign, we see Mr Hadley, who tries the Coca-Cola Zero Sugar, which inspires him to fulfil a handful of life dreams, including telling his long-lost love Alice that he always loved her.

The pop-up tattoo parlour tried to capture that same feeling of ‘taking a leap and trying something new’ after getting a tattoo was ranked as the No. 7 choice of bucket list experiences for the over 70s.


Tattoo lover Pro Green said:

I can’t say that I ever imagined being in a tattoo parlour with my nan and her being the one getting inked, even if it is a temporary tattoo. She has always been fearless and a complete legend in my eyes.

Getting a tattoo has been on her bucket list for a while so thanks to Coca-Cola Tattoo Studio for making one of her wishes a reality today.

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As someone who seriously wants a tattoo, but is yet to take the plunge, this is a seriously good idea and it kind of makes me wish I could get my grandma down to London so I could’ve finally got my tat.

Aedmar Howlett, marketing director for Coca-Cola Great Britain, said yesterday:

Our new light-hearted ad is designed to remind those who haven’t yet tried the taste of new Coca-Cola Zero Sugar to give it a go.

Mr Hadley goes to extreme lengths to try something new, so we thought that the Coca-Cola Tattoo Studio would be the perfect way to reflect that while also giving people the opportunity to tick something off their bucket list.

Not only are we offering people the opportunity to tick something off their bucket list. Not only are we offering free permanent tattoos but we’ve also got temporary ones and plenty of Coca-Cola Zero Sugar to go round for those keen to take a less daring approach to trying something new.


The Coca-Cola team took over the famous tattoo spot Cloak and Dagger for the day, and it looks like it was an incredible success.

The advert which accompanies this inspirational idea sees Mr Hadley tick loads of items off his bucket list to the tune of I Want To Break Free as a soundtrack.

The ad originally ran in 2006 and has been repurposed, featuring the same lead actor from over 10 years ago.


It’s a huge shame this parlour was only open for one day, imagine going for a tat with your grandma. Someone should turn this into an actual business.