Student Wins £5k And Is Challenged To Spend It Within Five Days

by : UNILAD on : 27 Sep 2017 15:44

This student won £5k thanks to LG Q6 – the catch was he had just five days to spend it all and wasn’t allowed to keep anything at the end of the week.


So, he did what any young guy would do,…he ordered a tonne of food from Greggs and threw a party for his mates, obviously.

Because 22-year-old Charlie, from Manchester, wasn’t able to keep anything at the end of the five days the money had to be spent on experiences.

See how Charlie got on in the video below:

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As you’ll see in the video, Charlie only needed 48 hours to get rid of all the cash – he spent it on having a good time with his mates, a tonne of pasties, picking up a lobster for his mum, hiring out a limo and requesting some paparazzi to capture it all.

Charlie won’t be the only winner because LG Q6 are going to pick eight students over the course of eight weeks to also receive £5k to spend in the same way.

All you need to do to be in with a chance of winning is to go out and buy the new LGQ6 smartphone – and enter your details on their ‘5 Days of Awesome’ site.

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It’s not too much to ask, because the phone is actually pretty damn cool.

There’s all this talk about the upcoming iPhone having facial recognition, but this phone already has it – and comes with a 5.5” display and a 100 degree wide-angle selfie camera which allows you to fit more friends and surroundings in, perfect for a group selfie.

So, like Charlie, you could go out with all your mates and do whatever the hell you like!

If you were given £5K to spend in five days, what would you do? Fly to New York, party with your best friends, get VIP passes at every club, have the biggest meal at the fanciest restaurant?


Go on, tell us…

The LG Q6 is the first phone to be released in LG’s brand new Q series and it’s affordable, starting from just £17.99 a month.

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