These Phones Cost Half Of An iPhone With The Exact Same Spec


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Looking for an Android smartphone that doesn’t have an eye-watering price range for not enough customer satisfaction, you might wanna get your hands on either of these new Honor models.

Both the Honor 7x, Honor 9 Lite and Honor View 10 are plenty of bang for your buck, especially when some of them come in at just £199 – an extraordinary price tag for the quality it delivers.

In case you haven’t come across or heard of the above models, let me go through their pros, what they deliver on and why you might be advised to go out and grab one.



The Honor 7x released back in November comes in both blue and black, with a typical smooth aluminium curved design and fancy antenna lines. They also feature a circular fingerprint pad on the back, which at a glance seems like a kooky part of the design.

There are dual cameras located horizontally beside the flash.

In terms of branding, you’d be forgiven for mistaking the Honor 7x for a standard iPhone on the back. Switch it over, however, and the silver logo on the bottom of the screen makes no bones about who we’re dealing with.

The user experience is seamless and agreeable, with an 18:9 display panel and impressive FullView screen-to-body ratio that is unusual for a phone at such a bargain.


On the left edge of the model is a dual SIM tray, which also allows for a 256GB microSD card. Over on the right is a volume and power button. The bottom edge houses the 3.5mm headphone jack, single speaker and charging port.

Performance wise there are no problems with delays, and flicking between popular apps and services poses is as simple and quick as any high-end smartphone. The Honor 7x has 4GB of RAM and 64GB of storage.

Battery wise, the Honor 7x lives up to the brand’s reputation with a 3340mAh cell, which although takes a while to fully charge, boasts an impressive battery life which will see you through the day quite comfortably give or take.


The overall display and camera quality are this phone’s trump cards, though. It’s what you first realise. The large hi-res screen stands tall next to its competitors with FHD+ (2160×1080) quality. There are no complaints in the way of readability and brightness, which of course can be adjusted in settings.

The camera is one of the best you’ll find, especially at the Honor 7x’s price. Honor cameras in general are strong. This particular app includes HDR, light-painting, panorama, slow-mo, filters and effects. Add-ons can be downloaded.

Unlike like other smartphones, tapping won’t alter focus but it’s just as well without it.

Overall, the Honor 7x is well worth your investment for the following reasons:

– Low price
– Strong battery
– Quality camera
– Ultra HD screen



Likewise, with the above model, the Honor View 10 costs half the price of the iPhone X while still boasting a similar design.

For £449, it is that little bit cheaper than its main competitor the OnePlus 5T. While both have 128GB of storage, the One Plus 5T costs £499.

It provides almost all of the hardware and features you’re likely to see with bigger names, including not just the 128GB of storage but the Kirin 970 chipset powering the View 10 via AI (artificial intelligence), and a 20MP/16MP dual-camera array on the back that boasts low-loss 2x zoom.

Just like its predecessors, including the Honor 7x, the surround screen seems to almost cover the entirety of the front, adding to the user experience.

The 6-inch design is slim, with an aluminium rear and top-notch fingerprint scanner, but unlike the Honor 7x is not featured on the back. Although big, it doesn’t seem much when tucked away in your jeans pocket.

But I reckon the LCD screen, 1080 x 2160 resolution and ultra-surround 18:9 aspect ratio makes up for all that. Generally speaking, the colours look great and the display is as sharp as you like.

With a 3,750mAh battery, the Honor View 10 will comfortably last over a day on a single charge, a capacity which beats rivals OnePlus 5T (3,300mAh).

The camera, while not of the most fantastic quality, is still remarkable for its price tag. The bug-eyed camera lenses use both a 16MP colour sensor and a 20MP black and white sensor. Focusing is not a problem, nor is shutter lag and auto mode could make even the unsteadiest hand feel like a professional.

Overall, these are the standout selling points of the Honor View 10:

– Amazing battery life
– Screen proves great for watching videos
– Great gaming performance
– Dual rear camera



Honor’s new release, the Honor 9 Lite, will be available from February 8. It is the first smartphone in the Lite Series, which features four cameras and an exquisitely designed glass case with nano-scale optical coating. Like its predecessor, the Honor 9 Lite provides an exhilarating FullView visual experience.

The model features dual-lens 13MP and 2MP cameras on both the front and back of the smartphone to capture stunning imagery anytime, anywhere, and features an upgraded, customisable beautification feature to help you look your best, so selfies are not an issue.

The FullView HD Display is 5.65-inch edge-to-edge and, more like the 7x than the View 10, has a bezel-less screen with a high screen-to-body ratio, providing outstanding display quality with a record-high 18:9 FHD+ display.


The dual-lens 13MP and 2MP cameras on both the front and back of the smartphone, allow the capture of unique and professional-style photography.

The dual front camera features a wide aperture of F2.0, with one sensor capturing image details, whilst the other gathers depth of field information, producing professional-looking selfies.

As for user experience, the Honor 9 Lite’s ultra-fast 16nm octa-core Kirin 659 chipset with upgraded clock rate up to 2.36 GHz and a fully enhanced graphics processing unit (GPU), ensures seamless flicking.


Overall, get yourself one of these if you value any of the following:

– Ultra-fast 16nm octa-core Kirin 659 chipset
– Dual-lens 13MP and 2MP cameras.
– 2.5D glass, 5.65-inch edge-to-edge FullView HD Display
– Getting plenty of bang for your buck

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