Thomas Gray Learns Devastating Chess Moves On Road To Poker Championship


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Last week we brought to you the first part of Thomas Gray’s preparation for the PokerStars’ tournament in Barcelona.

In the first episode of the series Thomas broke arrows, walked across broken glass, and hobbled over 12ft of burning hot coals – but now Thomas is working on his strategy.

How so? He’s been working alongside a pro in the world of chess picking up a series of skills that should help him out in Barcelona.

This Makes Chess Look Easy

This makes chess look easy ??

Posted by UNILAD on Wednesday, 9 August 2017

As you can see in the video, Thomas learns a whole host of different chess techniques which he can, hopefully, use to his advantage in the PokerStars’ Championship.

He even learns the infamous chess move which allows a player to win a game in just four moves – but can he pull it off against his opponent?

Perhaps the most important thing Thomas picks up in this episode is that in both chess, poker, and countless other games – you are not playing the game, you’re playing the person, and knowing your opponent is the most valuable thing of all.

PokerStars / UNILAD

However that’s not all. Thomas’ preparation for the PokerStars’ Championship will also see him training with a magician and meeting a hostage negotiator – and we’ll be covering every last bit.

I know which episode I’m most excited for.