Thomas Gray’s Road To Barcelona Poker Championship Starts With Epic Firewalk


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Remember towards the end of last year when this charming young fellow from the Internet went viral after telling of his adventures on a stag do? Well now he’s back and this time things are getting hot. 

The hilarious blazer-clad happy chappy from said video was none other than YouTube connoisseur Thomas Gray.

Now, as the clock of life moves on for Thomas the tides are a changing and shortly he will be heading to Barcelona to play poker despite knowing ‘nothing about poker’ – I know, what a bizarre turn of events.

In the first episode of a series which will follow Thomas in his training for Barcelona – Thomas met an expert in the art of focusing and things got extreme fast.

Walking On Fire Looks Absolutely Terrifying

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Posted by UNILAD on Wednesday, 2 August 2017

So how does somebody who knows nothing about poker get ready for the PokerStars’ Championship? As a bi-annual poker player and perpetual loser myself admittedly I don’t know too much about the game but I’d imagine preparation involves little more than playing a shit-tonne of poker.

Wrong. So very wrong. Or at least that’s the gist I got from the above video of Thomas’ preparation which involved breaking an arrow with his neck, walking across seven feet of broken glass, and waddling 16ft across hot coals.

Oh, and when I say hot I mean really hot. Human flesh begins to burn at around 200 degrees, the coals Thomas walked across were way above 800.

UNILAD / PokerStars

But by Jove he done it, executing the task like an absolute Don – a hobbling wobbling Don who kept shouting moss, but a Don none the less.

However that’s not all. Thomas’ preparation for the PokerStars’ Championship will also see him training with a magician, learning how to play chess, and even meeting a hostage negotiator – and we’ll be covering every last bit.

Good luck in Barcelona champ – you’ll always be a winner to us.