Usain Bolt And Kevin Hart’s Beef Just Got Serious

by : UNILAD on : 06 Sep 2017 00:32

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Leave McGregor Mayweather to the historians now – that rivalry is done and dusted – but a new, bitter, and quite frankly bizarre one, has taken its place.

So who’s this new rivalry between? Move over Frazier/Ali, Usain Bolt and Kevin Hart are at each other’s throats again in the build up to the PokerStars’ Championship in the Bahamas where they’ll go head-to-head in January 2018.

But why have the pair been so viciously attacking one another over social media for the past two months? I’m no expert but I’d say the entire thing is tactical as their bankroll at the end of the game is entirely dependent on who can play the best hand online and outsmart their opponent in the #gameon battle.

So following on from our previous article – Usain Bolt posted this video online bragging about his new PokerStars game:


It wasn’t long before Hart hit back with this particularly painful blow – a video of himself painting a fallen Bolt:

In case you didn’t know – the video was released merely days after Usain Bolt’s infamous and tragic fall during the last ever race of his life.

Ouch! However some Bolt fans were quick to point out that Hart, who stands at a meager 5ft4, would need a ladder to stand over Usain at 6ft3.

Ruthlessly, before even waiting for Bolt to respond – Hart dished out another video of himself talking about Bolt’s retirement from racing:

Bolt then hit back with a more sinister video than previously seen:


As you can see the video shows Bolt taking up a new sport, archery, while shooting an arrow into the stomach of a Kevin Hart faced target.

Moving on from Usain’s retirement, Hart took aim once again at the sprinter’s ‘To Di World’ pose.

He throws shade, even questioning Bolt’s originality, before revealing a pose all of his own…

It has seemingly caught on…

While some friendships have been brutally divided as a result of Hart and Bolt’s beef:


Nice concept Kevin, but you have been outwitted on this occasion.

‘To Di World’ is not a team activity and Usain needs nobody else to employ it when Bolting.

‘What’s Bolting?’ I hear you ask…

Well it’s nothing if not practical.

But how have the scores been effected as the one-upmanship continues. It’s over to Daniel Negreanu…

So round one went to Usain and now round two to Kevin – this battle is heating up!

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