Wingman Your Whole Squad With This New Tinder-Style App


In partnership with Instnt.

Selfie at the beachInstnt

Dating in the social media age can be an overwhelming experience at the best of times.

Long gone are the days where people met through the classified ads in newspapers – thank fuck – and these days we’re bombarded with potential dates at the touch of a button.

With the rise of dating apps like Tinder we’re more connected to other single people than ever before – in some respects we’ve never had it so good, with one simple right swipe we could be on our way to a date.


But at the same time, meeting people IRL is a whole different ball game to casual online flirting. The risk of a one-on-one date is that you might be trapped with someone whose idea of a good evening is telling you how great their ex is, as they steadily get more speech-slurringly drunk, before bursting into tears and throwing up on your shoes.

The days of awkward dates might be over though, with new group dating app Instnt – which essentially turns your whole squad into wingmen, and genuinely sounds like a lot of fun.

triple imageInstnt

It works by letting you upload a photo of you and your mates, you then tag the squad and choose a search distance – how far you’re willing to travel to meet up with people. Other groups nearby then see this, and can swipe if they like the look of you, so make sure those eyebrows are on fleek lads.

You then meet up and hilarity ensues, as the group dynamic means the conversation flows and the fun is multiplied. Well, that’s the plan anyway…


James Gee, Co-Founder of INSTNT explained the app:

INSTNT is essentially a hybrid of Snapchat and Tinder, it’s real time group dating at its best! We developed the app because we wanted to create relaxed dating scenarios amongst friends and eliminate the pressure of one-on-one first dates. INSTNT multiplies your chances of having fun, and brings the excitement back to dating.

Just don’t end up like these guys:

You can get involved with this new dating game changer on the app store, here.